Activities to Honor The New Year

Change does not happen with the arrival of a new year, but it is inevitable, and it begins with you. Create what you seek beginning with your thoughts (and attitudes). Here is a brief list of activities to honor the New Year and get you started with manifesting your desired lifestyle.

Create a vision board. A vision board is a fun activity in which you create a board that signifies your goals and ideal lifestyle (what you want from life). People enjoy this mindful activity because it creates a consciousness towards your goals, which encourages change. It requires cutting out images (from magazines or printing from the internet), and pasting them onto a poster board, hence the term “vision”. Visualizing evolves into manifestation. It is a first step of energetic change for what you seek.

Write down your 2022 goals. Set your intentions for the new year by writing a list of what changes you want to make and what you want to achieve. Change is always the constant, so what can you change to reach your goals? Consider the steps you can take to get started and adjust them as the year goes on.

Search for free resources. Do you want to learn a new skill? Travel more? Create content? The internet is a vast universe with the resources you need to get started without the burden of cost. You can usually find a website that offers at least an intro into the skill building you seek. When it is time to spend, you can cut your expense in half by having already established some level of expertise.

  • Duolingo is great for building language skills free of cost.

  • Coursera has a wide range of trainings, from health to financials, and technical teachings.

  • Online financial resources, such as Fidelity, can help you save for that dream vacation. Starting an account is free, but you will need to set-up auto deposits in order to save. They offer free webinars to aid in better understanding of savings and investments.

  • Canva and Adobe Creative Express are professional resources for creating digital content that can be used for marketing and artwork. They both offer free features.

Letting go and intention ritual. Use a small sheet of paper (such as a post-it) to write down what you want to let go of as you move into the new year. What do you want to free yourself of? Imagine releasing it then shred the paper, or *safely* burn it. Light a white candle and thank your ancestors and spirit guides. Think on what your intentions are for 2022. Be mindful of the decisions you make going forward and ask yourself, “does this honor my values and who I want to be?”

Meditate. Clear your mind and visualize a white, healing energy surrounding you. Sit in it and discard any thoughts that try to intrude. OR - Contemplate on your intentions for 2022. Imagine releasing negativity. YouTube is a large resource for free guided meditations.

Wishing you all love, safety, prosperity, and warmth in the new year. Happy New Year!

Steph Powers, MSc, LCDC, CADC II, Holistic Nutrition Specialist

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