Stress Fatigue, Anyone?

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

With a difficult year behind us, it is important that we look back and reflect on how the year has impacted us. Many have lost loved ones, businesses have had to close, jobs may have abruptly gone on furlough, and our kids have been at home for endless days. By now, we have been forced to make things we did not think were possible...just work. With all this change comes stress, but this isn’t just any kind of stress. This stress has lasted almost 12 months, and there is not a clear end at this moment.

The definition of stress fatigue, according to Mayo Clinic, is "when stress begins to accumulate from negative or challenging events in life that just keep coming, you can find yourself in a state of feeling emotionally worn out and drained" (Sparks, Mayo Clinic, 2018). It is generally a slow build-up of stress that accumulates over time, having a negative impact on wellness. Often those who are experiencing it are too caught up in the experience of it all to notice the effects on their mind and body. Often, we only catch it in our own lives when we start to see the symptoms. Easily triggered? Letting your mind worry endlessly? Below are some of the symptoms you might be experiencing.


● indifference

● headaches/migraines

● appetite changes

● decreased motivation

● trouble sleeping

● irritable

● fatigue

● hopelessness & dread

● forgetfulness

● anxiety/nervous

● depression

● trouble concentrating

● irrational anger

● increased cynicism

Natural Solutions

Luckily, there are so many natural solutions to emotional fatigue that can get us back on track to healing and health. One option is to explore subconscious healing through Rapid Transformational Therapy.

Developed by therapist, Marisa Peer, who has over 30 years of experience in subconscious healing, Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) takes you on a journey into your past to explore memories and experiences that your subconscious mind formed beliefs around. RTT is an incredibly therapeutic and relaxing experience that gives you the coping skills and tools to work through emotional fatigue.

Why it Works

By revisiting these moments in a safe and supportive way, you give your subconscious mind a chance to heal and let go of the pain and hurt that then resurfaces during times of trauma. This inner child work is incredibly powerful and creates rapid transformation in the lives of those who seek it out. Each session ends with an empowering, uplifting recording that is individualized specifically to their lives and their specific needs. The goal of each session is to heal from the past, empower the present, and define the future.

In the end, our subconscious mind is our operating system. It holds on to beliefs from our past that may not be serving us anymore and keeps us stuck which intensifies our emotional fatigue. By releasing these old beliefs, we can release old wounds and develop coping skills and beliefs that can get us through these stressful times.

By guest writer, Felicity Powers, RTT Therapist,

Sparks, Dana. “Emotional Exhaustion during Times of Unrest.” Mayo Clinic, Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, 2018,

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