Earth Day Tips for Going Green

Happy Earth Day!

Here are a few tips to reduce your carbon footprint and to show gratitude to Mother Earth. If everyone takes small, mindful steps towards changing their lifestyle habits; we can collectively create a positive impact toward sustainably and protecting our beautiful earth.

Click HERE for more information on sustainable vs fast fashion.

To learn more about composting, read our BLOG.

Eco-centered Organizations to Support:

4Ocean - Shop to support the clean ocean movement. Each purchase supports ocean cleanup.

Greenpeace - Promoting ecological diversity and protecting against climate change.

Lonely Whale Foundation - A non-profit supporting ocean conservancy and tackling plastic pollution.

The Nature Conservancy- An organization focusing on the protection of natural resources and fighting climate change, by way of collaboration.

Steph Powers, MSc, LCDC, CADC II, Holistic Nutritionist

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